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Continuous Improvement Programmes

Research shows that the vast majority of companies believe continuous improvement to be a positive thing.


A lack of true continuous improvement within a business can result in regular and costly restructures which have limited actual value. 


At eStudious, we strongly believe that any improvement programme should be part of a wider continuous improvement culture. 


Our aim is to empower others to successfully implement, embed and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. 


We utilise a Top-Down, Bottom-Up and front to back approach to ensure this is successful. 


Some key aspects of our approach include:

  • Clear defined continuous improvement roles and responsibilities 

  • A clear governance and reporting structure

  • Tailored DMAIC methodology, techniques and tools

  • Approach to generate, identify and investigate improvement ideas

  • Empowered problem solving techniques

  • Delivery of small incremental bite sized chunks

  • Communication and information flow

  • Individual and team CI reward and recognition schemes

  • Financial and non financial benefit tracking

  • Empowering individuals to deliver 

  • Sessions being carried out independently and booked around your schedule and location.


Please contact us for additional detail and to request our very competitive price list.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Programmes
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