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Congratulations Dan Smith – BQF Green Belt Certification

Congratulation to Dan Smith who has just passed his BQF Green Belt Certification after being trained and coached by eStudious. Dan delivered an excellent project which lead to circa £113k of business benefit. Dr Mike Coburn, Lead Certified and Master Black Belt had this to say about Dan: “Your commitment to improving process performance in the project was clearly evident, as was your project’s response to the poor levels of both process management and adherence to its regulatory responsibilities. You made significant improvements to customer experience and you can be proud of the result. Your ultimate benefit delivery was superb and validates both the diligence you have exercised over your project and the excellent way in which you managed your project team and other stakeholders. You were clearly able to peer under the benefits iceberg and find additional upsides to your improvements that kept on delivering. Overall, well done on a great piece of work and a great outcome, and I wish you every success as you continue your Lean Six Sigma journey”

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