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Client Testimonials

eStudious consultants have over 20 years experience and success in leading and supporting business improvement programmes within the Financial Services industry. We recognise that a one size fits all solution is not appropriate and will work collaboratively to deliver a range of services tailored to your requirements. Our services include training, coaching, consultancy and project management.

Leanna Cheshire, Strategic Partnership Specialist, Royal Bank of Scotland

“Lynsey applied her learnings as a Lean Six Sigma Technical Expert, not only to the successful management of projects within the business but also as a patient and focused Six Sigma coach. After previous dealings with external Six Sigma training suppliers, I found that the knowledge and skills provided by Lynsey were much better able to be applied to delegates by using familiar terminology and examples. Whilst seeking feedback post-training, I found that all delegates had nothing but positive feedback on the sessions and the other coaches that Lynsey had trained to a similar standard.”

Emmalene Fletcher, Training Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

"Before undergoing the Black Belt Lean Sigma training, I had my reservations about my own capability at being able to pick up many of the methodologies that I had learnt when training for my Green Belt Lean Sigma Accreditation, which I gained in November 2010. However, Lynsey put all of my worries at ease and even offered a 2 day refresher course which helped bridge the gap in my knowledge and helped re-build my confidence around Lean Sigma.


Training was provided to me on both a group and individual basis.  The personalised support that I received from Lynsey enabled me to ask questions in a free and open environment, and also allowed me to gain further 121 training on subjects that I had difficulty with.


The key thing that helped embed the training that I learnt was the use of "homework exercises" that other course providers do not offer.  The training and coaching offered allowed me to learn "real-life" examples that were relevant in either your personal or working life."

“Lynsey was my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt coach for my recent Green Belt Project. As some time had passed between formal training and when I started the project, Lynsey had to re-do quite a lot of the training with me. She is very knowledgeable on all aspects of Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC and is excellent at explaining the tools in a clear and concise way. She always demonstrates the value in applying them in the `real word` to a specific problem or situation. I particularly appreciated her help with understanding statistics and how to get the best out of Minitab.


Lynsey supported me greatly throughout the project and without her motivation and encouragement I don't think I would have finished.  She also prepared me extremely well for the BQF Accreditation and ensured I passed at the first attempt."

Pam Garcha-Rai, Corporate Support Team Manager, Lombard Vehicle Management

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