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Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training

What is Lean Six Sigma?​

Lean provides a strategy for maximising customer value whilst minimising waste.  Six Sigma provides a strategy for improving process capability by reducing product and process variation.  Lean Six Sigma combines these two approaches to create a practical, flexible and successful model for delivering improvement projects. Read more about Lean Six Sigma here.


Lean Six Sigma Training​

Formal Lean Six Sigma training courses are provided by experienced Lean Six Sigma professionals. A combination of learning styles are accommodated within the training programmes with information presented verbally as well as through the use of mini-workshop and practical exercises.


We offer inhouse and public training courses conducted by experienced Lean Six Sigma Professionals to British Quality Foundation standards. We also offer a full range of managerial courses which can be tailored to your requirements.


Some of the key courses currently provided by eStudious include:


Please contact us for additional detail and to request our very competitive price list.

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