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Client Testimonials

Leanne Cheshire, Strategic Partnership Specialist, Royal Bank of Scotland

Pam, allow me to thank you first, for your guidance and training throughout the course. It would have been difficult to attain the certification without your tremendous support.”

Gaurav Varshney, National Grid

“Lynsey was my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt coach for my recent Green Belt Project. As some time had passed between formal training and when I started the project, Lynsey had to re-do quite a lot of the training with me. She is very knowledgeable on all aspects of Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC and is excellent at explaining the tools in a clear and concise way. She always demonstrates the value in applying them in the `real world` to a specific problem or situation. I particularly appreciated her help with understanding statistics and how to get the best out of Minitab.


Lynsey supported me greatly throughout the project and without her motivation and encouragement I don't think I would have finished.  She also prepared me extremely well for the BQF Accreditation and ensured I passed at the first attempt."

The 8 day Lean six sigma was one of the most useful training I have done in recent years; very relevant to my work. It gave a structured approach and knowledge of relevant frameworks to present lot of operational excellence and business improvement work I deliver as a business operation manager to my clients.  


Pam had a pragmatic approach to training which she delivered with lots of patience and smile. Pam also did a good job in maintaining the right balance in bring the context (theory vs experience) given the training batch had mixed representation of people from various levels of organisation. What stood out was Pam’s approach to training as she encouraged constructive debates during sessions and pulled the participation from all attendees alike.  


I strongly recommend Pam as a Lean Six Sigma trainer and wish her success in Lean Six sigma training arena."

Michelle Buckland, Senior Workshop Administrator, Venson Herts Ltd

"Pam was very friendly and engaging throughout the course. Despite the yellow belt course being fairly intense over the 2 days, Pam’s approach was very supportive, whilst providing myself and the group with the necessary tools and guidance to approach the exam with confidence. The way that Pam was able to tailor the course to each individual in the room and to different working environments will definitely enable me to utilise the techniques learned over the 2 days.


Finally, Pam’s passion for Lean Six Sigma has definitely rubbed off on me and thanks to her I shall definitely be looking to progress to Green Belt and further. Thank you for your help and time Pam!"


Joseph WilliamsSupply Chain Administrator, npower

"Lynsey was responsible for running a Six Sigma Green Belt program in which I was enrolled. Her passion for this subject and her ability to communicate process and practice are second-to-none.


Lynsey also supported me as a Black Belt in a project I ran - her attention to detail and ability to consider wider and peripheral dynamics within a project management environment are quite formidable - well balanced and very focused - she was able to guide me through the pitfalls of presumption and the benefits of remaining open-minded throughout!


I have no hesitation of recommending Lynsey's skills as a Black Belt practitioner - I have met and worked with many and she is among the best.”

Ian Banks, Relationship Director, Strategic Accounts, Lombard Corporate

"Lynsey has been the Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt coach for a programme we set up in the LVM business to attain Green Belt accreditation for a number of staff. During the programme she has relentlessly driven and supported everyone with all aspects of the delivery of the projects and with creating the Storyboard presentations for our accreditation exams. Her desire to succeed, energy and passion has been inspiring and is second to none. She is both challenging, engaging and fun, but always focused on the requirements and deliverables.


It is a credit to the project support and accreditation exam coaching that Lynsey has given me personally that has assisted me in attaining a pass and I am confident that the others on the programme will pass theirs too. It has been a real pleasure working with her."

Paul Hinett, Lead Business Analyst, Royal Bank of Scotland

"Lynsey really took the stress out of the Black Belt training process. The course was delivered with clarity and precision, pace was aligned to the varying complexity of the material and I felt thoroughly supported at all times. Lynsey is a perceptive trainer and often anticipated my questions around some of the more complex concepts, for which she was prepared with a multitude of real world examples to really bring the material to life. I felt that under Lynsey's tutelage I not only gained the knowledge but also the skills to put that knowledge into practice


She also coached me through my Green Belt Accreditation project and looking back on it now, I honestly don't know what I would of done without her. Lynsey was always on hand with insightful comments and real world advice; giving me a truthful and honest appraisal of my work and providing inspiration for how it could be improved. Lynsey is clearly an expert in the Lean Six Sigma Methodology but also uses a wealth of real world experience to bring the subject to life."

“Lynsey was a brilliant coach to me during my Six Sigma Green Belt training and has continued to support me in this area. She has given me various opportunities to assist and train others and has been a good sounding board when I have had any issues. She has even helped people to start learning Black Belt and Master Black Belt skills. She constantly strives for development of others and herself.


Lynsey has tireless worked with the business so that they understand the importance of Six Sigma which is evident by the work she has done. She is an asset to any business.”

James Roberts, Business Analyst, Lombard Vehicle Management

Charlotte Falconer, End of Contract Recharges Manager, Lombard Vehicle Management

eStudious is a recommended Lean Six Sigma Consultancy

I worked with Mike and his team on a number of strategic problem solving exercises. Mike was always willing to help and quickly engaged with business issues and proposed methods to facilitate sessions that would break issues down into their component parts with clear solutions identified and set actions/objectives for those in the group. Would work with Mike again without a moments hesistation."

Amie Hills, Mobile Payments Solutions Specialist at Barclays Bank

“I worked closely with Mike and reported to him during my nine-month assignment at RBS GTS. We had an excellent working relationship and he was very supportive and encouraging for the duration of the two projects I was assigned to. 


Mike is a customer-focused professional with an impressive technical background. He is a great person to work with, and a great coach and leader. His expertise in Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is very extensive and he is a valuable asset for the organisation he works for. 


I strongly support and recommend Mike for senior roles in the domains of process improvement and Continuous Improvement. "

Stratos Lazaridis, Director Crisp Logic Ltd

"I can honestly say I have never met someone more professional, capable and personable in a place of work, in all my career. Mike is most definitely a talented practitioner, highly skilled in any and all Six Sigma techniques, methodology and practices. This was evident during the work I did with him on numerous strategic projects. Mike is also a very well accomplished and highly proficient coach of Six Sigma techniques (of which I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand). His patience and ability to filter through key learnings and knowledge to his delegates was nothing short of first class. As a result of this coaching I was able to pass successfully through the Greenbelt examinations and utilise these techniques within my own business area, independently. 


Second to the professional recommendation, Mike is not only a top professional in a process practice arena. He is also brilliant to get along with, a real good friend and an inspiration for myself and others looking to follow in a similar career path. 


I would most definitely recommend Mike for any six sigma / process practice positions and I would love the opportunity to work with Mike again given the chance in the future."

Jason Dunning, Business Analyst at Fairpoint

"When I was first asked if I would like to go on the Yellow Belt course I was excited by the prospect of learning something new but nervous as I had never really heard about it before.


After doing some research on Lean Six Sigma I still felt worried that I wouldn’t understand how it all worked, Pam made me feel relaxed very quickly and I think because of this I was able to enjoy the course, she explained everything in a way that made it easy for me to understand and would always ask if we needed to ask any questions.


My favourite part of the course were the healthy debates that we had and group work, you are able to throw ideas around and get other peoples perspective and ideas, it made it fun and helped things to sink in and understand it better.


I also liked the fact that although Pam would help you with the debates she would sit back and let us lead it then if she thought that maybe we needed a little help she would explain why.


I have actually recommended this course to friends outside of Venson as I believe that they would really benefit from and enjoy it.


I’m happy that I was given the opportunity to attend this course.”

Amit Kumar, Manager, Business Operations, Enzen Global Ltd

I’d just like to say a big thank you for all your support throughout the training and with my project. Pam is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

Sundus Ahmed Afridi, Enzen Global Ltd

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