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Case Study Two


One of the UKs main leasing companies supplied vehicles to a large strategic customer whose vehicles accounted for 11% of the total fleet.


Numerous examples of dissatisfaction from both the company and individual drivers were being experienced throughout the end to end process. This created a risk that the level of dissatisfaction being raised would cause the customer to look for another leasing provider. 


Maintaining this important account was considered critical to the leasing company. 


A Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project was conducted which consisted of leasing company staff from 7 different departments who used this proven Lean Six Sigma methodology to measure the current poor performance of the process, identify the root causes and implement improvements. 


The following outlines some of the key improvements delivered within this project:


  • Implemented a new Workflow system to manage the order to delivery process

  • Removed segregation of tasks within key team and re-structured team so each individual owned the driver from order to delivery

  • Transferred ownership of process steps to different teams to improve order turn around time

  • Changed the phone lines and IVRs to improve management of phone calls

  • Implemented a minimum fortnightly communication with drivers to reduce order follow up calls

  • Updated policy information on the internet 

  • Implemented improved pricing controls 


The key benefits of the project:


  • Vehicle order turn around time reduced from 12 days to 2 days

  • Turn around time to load pricing reduced from 6.5 days to 3 days

  • Improved company and driver satisfaction (reduction in customer complaints)

  • Eliminated staff overtime – reducing costs

  • Restored confidence in the leasing company and maintained the account



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