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7 reasons why you won’t use Lean Six Sigma

1. I've never heard of Lean Six Sigma.

LSS is a proven methodology. Search Google for ”Lean Six Sigma" and start finding out more.

2. LSS is a fad.

LSS can be traced back to the turn of the nineteenth century with business leaders like Henry Ford. Today the likes of 3M, Amazon, BAE Systems, Barclays Bank, Boeing, Caterpillar, Denso, Motorola, Royal Bank of Scotland and many others use LSS.

3. We don't have time for a LSS programme.

LSS will help you become less busy whilst raising productivity, increasing profit and improving quality and the customer experience.

4. Our company can't afford the costs of implementing LSS.

LSS doesn’t require significant capital and our LSS Green Belt course will empower you to deliver a real business cost saving of £40,000 per delegate.

5. We're not a manufacturer.

Neither are Coca-Cola, AT&T, Starbucks, etc.

6. We've tried other business improvement programmes and didn't achieve good results.

Not all business improvement programmes are the same. We will provide you with tools and support to help you measurably improve quality, efficiencies and profit.

7. We're fearful of the unknown and failure.

Fear must be driven out of an organisation in order to innovate and thrive. We can help you achieve a culture of continuous improvement.

Speak to us today and take that first step towards maximising customer value, minimising errors and increasing profit!

By working with us you will gain the knowledge, tools and support to break down and evaluate each component part of your business and identify where waste can be eliminated, workflow improved, variation reduced and quality enhanced. We will then work with you to implement and measure each of the identified efficiencies.

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