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eStudious Client Gains Accreditation Whilst Making £94,000 of Costs Savings

We are celebrating after successfully accrediting a client who is now certified by the British Quality Foundation as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. What makes this accreditation special is that our client made £94,000 worth of cost savings during his Green Belt journey.

Lean Six Sigma is a performance improvement methodology which encompasses a set of practical tools to allow companies to combat rising costs and greater competition by delighting your customers, improving efficiency, increasing revenues, decreasing costs and developing people. You can learn more about Lean Six Sigma here.

Our Lead Assessor Mike Coburn, who awarded the accreditation, commented: “The client, who works for one of the main banking corporations, showed great resilience in driving through his project in a difficult environment, where stakeholders were at times resistant to it. However, with coaching, and by utilising the principles of Lean Six Sigma, our client was able to get and keep the team and management engaged and ultimately demonstrate how the improvements will add value to the bank’s senior stakeholders.

“The impact of his project realised incredible results on operational efficiency and bottom-line value with a £94,000 cost saving.”

By earning his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, our client joins a number of other employees from the banking industry who have participated in lean six sigma training and completed a project to identify a problem which can be corrected by implementing lean six sigma methodologies.

No matter what industry you are in, we can help you achieve similar results by giving you the tools, knowledge and support to implement the proven business management strategy of Lean Six Sigma. Through applying the same techniques and principles that we teach, Boeing reduced the number of days it took to assemble its 777 aircraft from 71 day to just 47 days.

We are running a set of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course in Manchester, Birmingham and London. More details can be found here or you are welcome to contact us directly as we also offer in-house closed courses for groups of employees.

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